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Shooting with Soul - 52 Week Project


Shooting with Soul 52 Week Project - Week 7 - Love

I adore the image for this week. It is a little unconventional, I know. But its true and real, in our house with dirty windows. It is a little moment snatched, showing the natural bond between my babies. They grow bigger and lovelier, and funnier and cheekier every day... but they are mine. XXX

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Shooting with Soul 52 Week Project - Week 6 - Window

Even little people stop and ponder. My beautiful little girl has so many questions about the world. About life. About people. She asks me questions I cannot answer easily. Life is a big mystery still. I do my best to explain things, often having to look things up to give her an accurate answer. Here she is pondering the world outside her. 


Shooting with Soul 52 Week Project - Week 5 - Self

I got completely stuck on this week.... self. I have always hated self portraits... I have never mastered the art of getting an image of myself I truly loved. Possibly because I appreciate emotion and place it so highly in connection with an image. All the images I created were too still and stagnant, too pointed and posed. Exactly how I DON'T want my photos to be. How could I create an image of 'self' showing ME as I see myself... well, it took me a few weeks with all the busy-ness of life but I finally created something I was happy with. Its a little collage of 'me'. Being who I am, doing what I do and ultimately being my 'self'. I hope you find it at least a little amusing... These were created with the help of my little kidlets tickling me and being their cheeky selves.

Shooting with Soul 52 Week Project - Week 4 - Time

The images I chose this week are so beautiful to me. They show two of the most important people in my world being themselves at the most beautiful time of the day. For those who know me and my work I have the biggest weak spot for 'the golden hour'. I just LOVE it. The colour, the graduation between tones, the way the light and colours hit and reflect off the world around me. To me it is one of the most beautiful things in our world... I love the amazing array of colours and the way it lights up hair. Willows curls could not be any redder... This particular evening, after baby Finn was safely snuggled up in bed and the chores were done for the day the three of us snuck out to revel in the last light of the day. Our favourite time. There were snuggles and nose kisses, laughter and silly play. Its amazing how refreshing sunset can be. 

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Shooting with Soul - 52 week project - Week 3 - Eat

The theme for our SWS 52 project this week is EAT. I cannot think of a better (or more favoured past time) for my little man who just adores food. For him food seems most satisfying when he can shove one handful in at once and then follow it quickly with another and another. For Finn it is still very much a sensory experience so eating with his hands is natural and fun. He loves to feel food on his fingers and is gradually working out how  liquids (like yoghurt) and solids behave differently in (and on) his hands. As you can gather meal times are messy experiences and cleaning up his face, his hands, the high chair, the floor and a change of clothes are inevitable. Needless to say I spend too much time washing. I hope you like this (tactile) series of Finn and his love of food... To see more wonderful images in our SWS52 posts be sure to visit the links below these images. Enjoy! 


Shooting with Soul 52 Week Project - Week 2 - Cold

For our Shooting with Soul 52 project this week the theme was 'cold'. To keep cool this week we enjoyed some time kayaking and in amongst this my little man enjoyed some air time. Compared to his big sister Finn is such a big boy! He loves anything exciting life has to offer. He is very curious - he loves switches and buttons, if you can pull or push it he will. He will climb up and onto anything - I spend a lot of time trying to keep life interesting on ground level (just for my own sanity). Anyway, he is a clever and curious little person who loves to get out and live. For our contribution this week here is a series of Finn getting some air time. 

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Shooting with Soul - 52 week project - Week 1 - Resolution

Our lovely Shooting with Soul family has started the new year with a weekly (themed) photo project. The theme for this week (being week 1) is  resolution. A very apt theme it seems. :) I have a few resolutions this year though they are still floating around in my head and not yet written down. One of them is to decorate our home more with canvases and wall art. I have had dreams of doing so many things but having little people, managing the house and running a business means things like that are simply not prioritised. So this year I am changing that! I am also aiming to simplify life more, and just enjoy it. These little people are getting bigger before my eyes and I want to soak them in. Here are a few precious moments of our life and who we are just now. 



Vicky Palmieri – Vicky Palmieri Photography

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Kellie Robinson – Colour of Life Photography

Nicole Proy – Mockingbird Photography

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Website coming end of Jan

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Courtney Holmes - Courtney Holmes Photography






Courtney Holmes(non-registered)
That dribble!!! Too adorable! I need more canvases and wall art too, so I'm definitely with you there!
You're family is just the cutest!!! How about those curls!!! the dibble makes me giggles! Great set! x
Love These
Lesley Condon(non-registered)
These are beautiful images. My daughter has exactly the same hair as your little girl. And the same curl in the middle of her forehead. It is adorable. My princess is 5 and her hair has barely grown, its just soooo curly…she also chopped off the curl, it was in her way, lol.
Beautiful Kylie. Gorgeous little people :-)
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